Picture Laser is a program specifically created for laser engraving halftone pictures with the Makeblock XY Plotter V2.0.

When using an other software product available for burning pictures, I noticed that the laser module was moved in a jerky fashion. The motion was not smooth. The approach with this new program is different. It simply moves the laser module from left to right (for all the pixels in a single row) and turns the laser on and off during the move. Same speed for the whole (left to right) motion. To achieve this a full line is send to the Orion board. Then the Orion board handles the burn of one line on itself. This process is repeated for all lines in the picture.

Make sure the Microstep Resolution is set to HHL (see Makeblock manual on how to do this).


Click here to download the software (version 0.2)

SHA512: dfa968a1908ff03138bfea990b7d99d8b8a537731fef3521f99348f037d5b3b3651910c54a806fe556d3838185f6550830406e9af48b48556184f46fcc497a91


Click here to download the software (version 0.1)

SHA512: cadbc619d8bfaeb9836ee2d35ae615d8fb2b69ba227ce9a6ad4d0af919ae618e37981f20c76a15808c28ec4ca1ee9f10de204244f00ef3be902e2592e55fc95a



  • Designed to engrave pictures with high precision and smooth motion.
  • Works on Windows 7/8/10.
  • It's FREEWARE!
  • Created in Lazarus/Freepascal.
  • No installation required. Simply start PictureLaser.exe.


Version History


Version 0.2

  • Added bi-directional "printing". Reducing the time it takes to engrave a picture.
  • Added border drawing. Allows you to add a nice border around your picture. Secondly with a low laser power setting you can check the size of your picture.


Version 0.1

  • Initial release



Tip for getting the correct file to engrave. I use GIMP to create a so called PGN picture (with only two colours):

1. Open the file in GIMP

2. Select Image -> Mode -> Indexed (if Indexed already selected, then first set mode to RGB then go back and switch it to Indexed)

3. Convert to black and white (1-bit) pallete.

4. Select File -> Export As and save file as PNG file.




Some of the results: