This article shows how to build your own interface for the Dutch Smart Meter. Often also referenced as DSMR "Dutch Smart Meter Requirements".

The following information sources were used with creating this project:

Willem Aandewiel created a DSMR logger. I highly recommend reading the information on his site. It is very detailed and you may even choose to use the "DSMRloggerWS". It has been a great information source for myself.

Main article

Github - DSMRloggerWS

Documentation - DSMRloggerWS

Wiki page about the Dutch Smart Meter

Link Wiki Smart Meter

DSMR Specification (Netbeheer Nederland)

DSMR Specification

ESP Easy - Wiki


ESP Easy - Mega firmware


ESP Easy - Github



Step 1: DSMR Module schematic

The following schematic was used to create the DSMR module:



I have designed my own ESP12-F board for different projects. This board will be connected to the DSMR Module. I will be using ESP Easy to function as a P1-Gateway to interface with Domoticz. My smartmeter is also able to supply the required power. So no additional power supply is required. This is why the J2 also has a 5V output connector.

J1 - RJ12

To the Smart Meter P1 port. Make sure to use the correct RJ12 cable!

Pin 1 - Pin 1
Pin 2 - Pin 2
Pin 3 - Pin 3
Pin 4 - Pin 4
Pin 5 - Pin 5
Pin 6 - Pin 6

J2 - ESP

Pin 1 - Input: 3.3V from the ESP 12-F board
Pin 2 - Input: RTS (Data Request) will be connected to a 3.3V. Data Request is not supported yet by ESP Easy.
Pin 3 - Output: To the serial port on the ESP 12-F board (RXD)
Pin 4 - Ground
Pin 5 - Output: 5V, will be used to power the ESP 12-F board.

Below a diagram captured from the downloaded PDF "DSMR Specification" page 7:



Some photo's of the end result:


Step 2: Setup ESP Easy

On my ESP 12-F board I flashed "ESP_Easy_mega-20190416_normal_ESP8266_4M.bin", newer version should be fine as well. Follow the standard installation instructions for ESP Easy and make sure your ESP board has a fixed IP address.

Two items additionally need to be configured on your ESP board:

Step 2.1 Add your current domoticz server to the Controllers


Make sure to enter the correct details (like Controller IP, User and Password).


Step 2.2 Add a device called "P1 Wifi Gateway":

You can validate if your P1 Gateway works by browsing to your ESP board like this:

Replace the IP address with your fixed IP address. You should see


Step 3: Configure Domoticz

Add the new hardware device (your P1 Gateway) to Domoticz like this:


Make sure your Remote Address / Port matches your ESP boards IP address / port. I have set the Data Timeout to 1 minute. When completed, press Add.

New devices should appear in your devices (Setup → Devices).